About Scanography and My Art

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.
Henri Matisse

People with cameras take pictures. I make them.

I create my work using a flatbed scanner as the camera and natural objects (most locally grown or foraged) as subjects. I have been creating images in this manner since 2006, both as an outlet for my creativity and a different way to share my knowledge and appreciation of the natural world. My experience as a photographer, blacksmith, naturalist, gardener and forager informs and inspires my art. I strive to portray nature's essences, forms, patterns and colors, the familiar and the less-seen details. Despite its constraints, scanography remains my medium of choice.

The scanner is akin to a high resolution camera with a macro lens (or a small, flat, desktop Xerox machine). To create a composition, I initially pose the subjects - leaves, flowers, etc., on the glass plate, cover open, in a roughly 8x10" area, often recomposing them many times to get an arrangement that pleases my eye. I edit the scans in my darkroom - i.e. Photoshop, often spending many hours digitally painting in backgrounds and/or editing out the stray dust and pollen that invariably accompanies my subjects. My editing process results in images that look to be a hybrid of illustration and photography, displaying a great deal of depth (surprising, given the scanner's minimal depth of field). Because the scanner captures the image from below, I may be surprised by what appears in the image on my monitor.

All prints are on fine art rag paper or canvas, using archival inks.

Please share my art with your friends, art and nature lovers, galleries, gardeners, designers, etc. I am always seeking new opportunities and exposure for the work. I welcome commissions, such as one-of-a-kind prints, utilizing plant materials from your garden. Let's talk.

Marty Klein is a pioneer in scanography, the art of using a flatbed scanner as a macro camera. His work is remarkable for its deeply informed connection to nature, for its wit, and for its joy in life. His grounding in photography serves him well in composing his materials on the glass. What gives Klein depth is his intimacy with Nature, for he is a true naturalist, a man of the land. He sees. 
John Caddy  artist/naturalist, writer and educator 

Easthampton, MA
forager7@yahoo.com  413-529-9594
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Note: Images viewed online are low resolution and much reduced in size. However, the high resolution, archival prints I offer, with their rich colors and remarkable details, are stunning works of art.

The Prints

I offer the images in my portfolio as unframed, signed and numbered archival prints on fine art rag paper or canvas. The majority of my work is available in 3 sizes and editions (in parentheses):
11" x 14" (100)

16 x 20 (50)

20 x 24 (20)

Instructions for buying prints are found on my Purchase page. Please contact me with questions about custom sizes or other matters.

Greeting Cards

New in 2013, these striking cards are available in 2 sizes, 5x7" (7x5) and 5.25x5.25" (requires additional postage), both as individual cards in clear sleeves or in boxes of 6. Mix or match. See "Greeting Cards" galleries for choices.

Instructions for buying cards are found on my Purchase page

I welcome commissions, licensing, exhibit proposals, connections and other opportunities.


Prints and greeting cards available at Salmon Falls Gallery, Shelburne Falls, MA  www.SalmonFallsGallery.com